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Compliance. Done.

We handle system compliance for you, saving staff time and money.

No Cost to the Town

This program is funded by a yearly user fee.

Always Available

Your town's data is available 24/7/365.

Environmentally Conscious

Electronic submission of required reports eliminates paper waste.

I/A Compliance Tracking and Performance Monitoring

Compliance Tracking Database

We take the headache out of I/A compliance monitoring by doing to footwork for you. Our custom-designed database securely stores all of your permit information and keeps track of everything - owner information, contracts, component schedules, sample parameter schedules and more.

Our I/A septic compliance database has been developed in-house, by regulators, for regulators. Our unique perspective has allowed us to carefully craft something that is tailored to provide the most effective and efficient compliance process possible.

Non-Compliance Follow-up

Our staff uses the septic compliance database to begin the compliance process on your town's behalf by making phone calls and sending letters to system owners and operators to bring an out-of-compliance system back up to regulation.

Since the regulatory authority remains vested in your Board of Health, if our efforts to bring a system back into compliance fail, we'll refer it to your Board of Health for further compliance action. This can take the form of further letters and/or phone calls from your town health agent or a Board of Health hearing.

Nutrient Removal Performance Monitoring

Because I/A technologies are often installed to remove nutrients from wastewater, our system monitors system performance 24/7 and alerts us to potential problems. In the event of a sample exceedance, notifications are sent to the system operator, the town health agent, and, if possible, the homeowner.

The side-effect of collecting massive amounts of sample data is that we can run complex analyses to help determine the efficacy of a specific system or a whole category of I/A technology. We make this analyzed data freely available to the public so that everyone involved is better informed on I/A performance.

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No Direct Cost to the Town

Our administrative costs are funded by a yearly database user fee which is paid by the system operation and maintenance company.

Simple to Implement

All that is needed to begin using our services is the adoption of a short regulation by your town's Board of Health. This regulation says simply that all operators of I/A systems must report the results of all required operation and maintenance activities to The Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment (BCDHE) in a manner specified by the BCDHE. We only accept reports submitted electronically to our online database.

Example Regulation

As allowed under MGL c. 111, § 31, the Board of Health of the Town of [Town] hereby requires that owners and operators of all innovative/alternative sewage treatment technologies and all systems where the soil absorption system is designed for pressure distribution of effluent must report the results of all operation, maintenance, and monitoring activities to the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment. Such reporting must be performed in the manner specified by Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment and must occur within 30 days after each maintenance or monitoring event. Further, when a system operator performs a system inspection and finds that a sewage treatment technology has malfunctioning components which have compromised the system’s ability to treat sewage as designed, the operator shall report on the system’s status and any planned corrective actions to the Board of Health and Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment within 48 hours of inspection.

But Wait... There's More!

Flexible Tracking Schedules

We can flexibly track system components and sample parameters - months, quarterly, seasonally... just about any way you can think of

It's Your Town's Data

Download your data at any time and use it however you want. It belongs to your town.

Statistical Analyses

We are continuously thinking of new ways to analyze performance data and present them in a format that is easy to understand.

Configurable User Interface

Public Access

System owners have access to the data for their system and can find out how to keep their system running at peak performance.

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Join Towns Across Massachusetts Who Are Serious About Innovative/Alternative Septic System Compliance.

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