This page is composed of a number of smaller sub-sections which can be accessed by clicking the tabs:

The Site Tab

The site tab provides the basic information for the permit. In addition, you can access the system's history, as well as a map of the site, by clicking the respective buttons to the left of the permit information.

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The Contract Tab

The contract tabs shows the current status of your contract. You can either submit a contract renewal or you can submit a contract cancellation using the buttons to the left of the contract information.

To submit a contract renewal:

  1. Click the "Submit Contract Renewal" button.
  2. If the start date for your contract has changed, select "Yes" for the "Change in Contract Start Date?" question and put in the contract start date in the box that appears.
  3. Enter the term of the renewal in years.
  4. If you would like the database to automatically mark this contract as renewed at the end of the entered term, check the box.
  5. Enter any pertinent comments.
  6. Click "Renew" at the bottom of the dialog box.

To submit a contract cancellation:

  1. Click the "Submit Contract Cancellation" button.
  2. Enter the cancellation date.
  3. Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

When you submit a cancellation, the permit will automatically be flagged for follow-up action. The homeowner, if they have provided an accurate e-mail address, will receive an e-mail indicating that their contract has been reported as cancelled.

The Owners Tab

The owners tab shows a list of present and past owners, and allows you to submit changes in ownership information.

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The Components Tab

This tab displays a list of the system's components along with the frequency each component is required to be inspected.

The Sampling Tab

This tab displays a list of the required sampling parameters and the frequency  each parameter is to be sampled.