You are able to look at the Requirements Inquiry that are currently set up in our database.
While we do our best to keep our permits updated with current local and state requirements, we rely on information from the towns. We recommend that you check with one of our staff if you need further confirmation (ex. before writing an O&M Contract). 

  1. To look for a system's requirements, under the heading "My Clients" click on "Requirements Inquiry."
  2. The Search Permits will appear. Fill in the information and then click on "Search All Systems." For additional help on searching, see Seaching for a Permit.
  3.  The Search Results will appear. Once you find the site in question, click on the Permit Number in the leftmost column.
  4. The information we have will appear.
    1. The inspection requirements will indicate the type of technology on site according to our records, as well as the schedule. The schedule indicates how often the system must be inspected.
    2. The sample requirements will indicate which parameters are needed to be sampled as well as how often they must be sampled in the Schedule column.
    3. Note that if "None" appears in the Schedule, that component or parameter does not need inspection or does not need to be sampled.

You are able to look at the system requirements for 10 permits each day. If you need to inquire about more permits, please contact a staff member.