By clicking on the heading "My Clients" and then choosing the sub-heading "My Clients", you will display a sortable and filterable list of all systems for which you have active contracts. This also provides easy access to the permit information as well as to the system's operation and maintenance history.

List Filtering

To filter (pair down) the list of clients to a specific set of criteria, click the "Filter Clients" button located in the toolbar at the top of the list. Fill out the fields that appear in the box and click the "OK" button.

List Sorting

You can sort your list of clients much like you can sort lists of emails or files on you computer. Simply click the column heading that you would like to sort. Click again to sort in the opposite direction. 

*As a reminder, our system will not auto-correct for any differences in spelling. If you search with information that does not exactly match what we have in our records, it will not appear.

Viewing Permit Information

To view the client details, click on the permit number in the leftmost column.

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Viewing Permit O&M History

To view the client history, right-click on the permit number and select "View History".

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Add a Client

To add a new client, click the "Add Client" button in the toolbar at the top of the list. (Related: Adding a client)