1. Under the heading “Submit” click on “Inspections".

  2. Fill out information in the Search Permits fields. We recommend using the number and only the first three letters of the street name, as well as the Municipality; this limits any differences in spelling. For more information on how to use the permit search system, see Searching for a Permit

  3. If this is in our records as your client, click on “Search My Systems.” If this is not currently your client in our records, click on “Search All Systems.”

  4. The Search Results should appear. Click on the Permit Number in the leftmost column of the permit you wish to submit inspection results for.

  5. Fill in as much information  as possible. Any red asterisk (*) indicates a required field. This form will have you fill out the information that is required for a MassDEP Inspection and O&M Form for Title 5 I/A Treatment and Disposal Systems, as well as any information needed for the specific component based on the technology’s checklist.

  6. When finished, click on “Submit Inspection” at the bottom of the page. If there are any errors in the form, the system will alert you. Please only press the button once!