To add a new client and submit new or updated O&M Contract information,

  1. Under the Heading "My Clients", click on  "Add Client".
  2. Use the search form to find the permit you wish to add.
    *It is recommended that you use only the number and first three letters of the street name, as well as the municipality, when searching. This helps eliminate the chance of any differences in spelling which may cause a system not to appear. For additional help on searching, see Seaching for a Permit
  3. Click on "Search All Systems" once you have filled in part of the street name in the Address 1 box as well as the Municipality.
  4. A list of permits will apear. Once you see the permit, click on the permit number in the leftmost field.
    *If you believe that the permit does not exist in the database, and you have tried several searches (including attempts to shorten your search to minimize spelling errors), you can add a missing permit.
  5. Fill out the form that appears:
    1. Start Date - The date of the start of the contract.
    2. Term - The number of years the contract is good for. 
    3. Automatically Renew - If you would like the system to automatically renew this contract at the end of it's term, check the box. Otherwise, you will be asked to review this contract at the end of the term and renew it manually.
    4. Comments - any comments you might have about thsi contract.
  6. Click the "Submit Contract" button at the bottom.

A system administrator will review your contract and assign you as the new operator for the system. If there are any issues, we will contact you.