As a general rule, when searching for a permit, less is more. Our system is not like the internet search engines you may be used to - our system will not auto-correct spelling. 

If there's any difference in spelling or even a hyphenation, the permit you're looking for will not appear.

1. Fill out the search criteria based on what you know about the system.

    1. Address (recommended) - Type in the whole or partial street address for the system. If you are having trouble searching this way, try shortening your search string to help negate spelling differences. For example, instead of typing "123 Main Street", try "123 Main". If you type in an address, you must also provide a municipality.
    2. Municipality  - Select the municipality the system is located in. This may not match the city/village of the street address, as many cities and villages lie within one of the 350 larger municipalities in Massachusetts.
    3. Permit Number – This references the database-assigner permit identification number. In order to search by this field, you will need to provide the first 6 characters of the permit number. For example, a permit number may be "MASH-Mar123-FAS". In order to search for this permit, you must enter at least "MASH-M". (Related: Permit Numbers Explained)
    4. Municipality Permit Number – This references the permit number assigned by the town. 
    5. Owner Last Name - Use all or part of the last name of the current owner.
    6. System Serial Number - Use all or part of the serial number of the system. As a caveat, we don't have the serial number of every system. If it seems to be missing, send us a message and we'll add it for you for future use.

2. Click "Search All Systems" to search all systems in the database. Click "Search My Systems" to search only those systems for which you are assigned as the operator.

3. Locate the permit you are looking for on the list. Click on the Permit Number in the leftmost column to open it.